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I had visited Dr. Vicky Jain for a lipoma over my forearm and a cyst over my face. I was explained by the doctor in detail about the procedure and possible scar outcomes and complications. He calmly understood all my queries and replied to them. The surgery was done on an outpatient basis. The procedure was uneventful and scar treatment given by the doctor was amazing. The scar over my face and forearm is not visible.
Thanks to Dr Vicky Jain
I would surely recommend him for any plastic surgery treatment.

- Shankar Vish

I had severe complaint of hair Loss.. in the time of lockdown I was worried whom to approach. A friend referred me to Dr. Vicky Jain for the treatment. I approached him and decided to consult him. During the consultation, the doctor calmly attended my queries and step by step explained to me what necessary lifestyle modification I need to make in my life. He gave me a basic medication schedule which he explained had minimal side effects. He explained to me that hair loss will stop but will take some time. I am really happy with the treatment and would recommend Dr. Jain for hair loss treatment or any cosmetic surgical management.

- Sumeet Sanghvi

My nephew had a severe head injury. Technically he is so experienced and he beautifully did the suturing. we r really thankful that during the corona crisis sir managed to come to attain the emergency immediately.

- Ansari Ayesha

I had been to Dr. Vicky Jain for chemical peels for facial pigmentation and darkening. The treatment went all fine ..within three sitting my pigmentation went away and there was a new glow.. thanks a lot Dr. Vicky Jain .would surely recommend Dr. JAIN to one and all.

- Jyoti Sanghvi

I had a very bad infection in my right leg n was getting worse. But Dr. Vicky handled it very properly n carefully.due to his efforts n timely treatment my leg got infection removed and was now proper. I was very happy with his services.

- Bharat Jain

My experience with the doctor was the best I had a severe accident two years ago I had a crack in my jaw I didn’t expect to recover fast but the treatment which the doctor gave me was best and now when people see me they didn’t even know that I had an accident it was so clean thanks to Dr. Vicky Jain.
It’s highly recommended to all of you if anything happens like that to you the best doctor is Mr. Vicky Jain.

- Kshitij Shetye

It was a great treatment for Diabetic foot patients. Thanks to Dr Vicky Jain.

- Monika Tiwari

I was worried about a scar over my chin for the last couple of years. Consulted many Skin specialists but it did not help. Someone suggested to me a Plastic surgeon to get rid of it. One of my friend recommended me Dr. Vicky Jain so I consulted him. It was a very swift Consultation, he gave me a clear picture of complete treatment. I am happy with his professional attitude and caring nature. I would highly recommend him.

- Mukund Rathod