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Diabetic Foot Surgeries


Diabetes is a very dangerous disease and so are its complications, its worthwhile to know throughout the world, it’s estimated that every 30 seconds one leg is amputated due to diabetes and of all diabetic foot ulcers that do not heal, 25% will require amputation. So it is of immense importance to make sure diabetic patients take care of their feet. There are basic precautions to be taken to avoid this disease.

Diabetic foot disease can be very dangerous which might multiple and meticulous debridements and need of reconstructive procedure once limb salvage is planned. The wounds don’t heal easily and are notorious to give problems. The board-certified Plastic surgeon is the most qualified person to manage diabetic foot and its complications as his finesse in debridement and reconstruction is supreme.

No one guarantees limb salvage, but an attempt can be surely made.

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